VANDALS have wrecked a stained-glass Kingfisher placed in a park.

The work of art was first spotted by walkers around 10 weeks ago in Townsend Community Woodland which is adjacent to Townsend Way in Malvern and it is not know who created it.

Louise Blake,29, from Malvern, said: “Part of me hopes it was the weather we had that damaged it, but there has been a lot of youths hanging around along there with a lot of police presence most evenings so I fear it may have been done intentionally.

“Just a shame that someone’s time effort and skill that has bought a lot of smiles to a lot of people has been damaged."

Mayor of Malvern, cllr Neil Morton, said: “Why anyone would go to a place where someone had taken the time to cheer people up with a piece of stained glass and damage it is beyond me - I’m lost for words."

Cylinders contained nitrous oxide - so-called 'laughing gas' - have been seen on North Hill in the town, along with evidence of cans, bottles and portable BBQ's.

Cllr Morton added: “Those canisters are used by cyclists for inflating inner tubes and there is no evidence they’ve been used to get ‘high’ in this case but if they have been used to sniff - so-called ‘laughing gas - then I want to urge whoever is doing it that it is dangerous have people have died from doing such a thing.

"Always take your rubbish home with you.

"Portable BBQ's are banned on the hills and common and are a particular fire risk after the dry weather we're having so if anyone wants to cook, do it at home in your garden."

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A spokesman for the Malvern Hills Trust said: "Amongst the litter left on the hills and commons, we do sometimes find nitrous oxide cannisters.

"We urge people to take their litter home with them and if people see this activity taking place, please report it to the police.”

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