MEMBERS of Extinction Rebellion Malvern Hills marched to Harriett Baldwin MP's office this week demanding climate action.

The group marched from Malvern Train Station and down Church Street to Harriet Baldwin’s office carrying placards with messages from constituents on June 25.

Mrs Baldwin was in Westminster and missed the group, but said: "I thank these activists for their peaceful and socially distant protest.

"In the last ten years, I and my parliamentary colleagues have taken extensive action to protect the environment and tackle climate change including enshrining in law a pledge on net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, significant action reducing our reliance on single use plastics and an extensive list of environmental protections.

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"Renewable energy use has risen from under ten per cent to over 50 per cent and we have gone for weeks on end without burning coal.

"There is more to do and we need to make sure we enjoy a clean, green recovery from lockdown."

Leo-Lewis Farley, of XR Malvern Hills, said: "Although we have been living through a terrible Covid-19 crisis, this is set against the backdrop of a climate and ecological emergency which threatens our entire existence.

"The current government failures mean I don’t have the same kind of future that was available to previous generations.

"We are now facing a crucial moment in history.

"We can choose to return to business as usual, which means propping up a toxic system that values polluting industries over people, or we can seize this opportunity to build a fairer, green world that is safe for my generation."