Visitors are ignoring clear instructions to keep away from a dangerous quarry.

Police say visitors to Gullet Quarry - near Malvern - face a risk of drowning, spreading Covid-19 at mass gatherings and rock slides.

In a tweet, West Mercia Police said through their Malvern Cops account: "Several groups of people were removed from Gullet Quarry[May 28] , including some with a BBQ and a child in the water.

"Not only is it dangerous, but it's a breach of [Malvern Hills Trust] bylaws.

"They'd come from all over the place, Hereford, Cheltenham and Birmingham, having heard about the quarry on Snapchat.

"When asked what would deter them from going in there, e.g. signs, fines, fences etc., one girl replied, 'nothing'."

Police moved 51 people away from the quarry in one afternoon on Sunday, May 24.