SOME visitors to a popular beauty spot have not heeded warnings on the ban of portable BBQ’s.

Ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend, the Malvern Hills Trust warned visitors to “leave their BBQ’s at home”, as they “aren’t permitted anywhere on the hills and commons due to the risk they pose for potentially starting wildfires.”

However, a spokesman for the Malvern Hills Trust said: “Despite warnings and reminders that BBQ’s are not permitted, some visitors have continued to light fires.

“Our staff have been regularly patrolling the car parks and popular areas and are engaging with those who are ignoring these rules.

“We have also received a number of reports from concerned visitors and local people.

“To remind people that BBQ’s are not permitted anywhere on the hills and commons ,we have erected new signage in our car parks and other popular areas and will continue to work with the police and fire service to bring the risks to people’s attention.”

Following weeks of dry weather and recent high winds, much of the vegetation on the hills and commons has dried out, increasing the risk of wildfires starting and spreading quickly and people have been seen in ins recent weeks using BBQ’s on Castlemorton Common.

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The spokesman added: “Wildfires often don’t start by themselves, and the majority of wildfires are started by people either accidentally or deliberately. We’re asking people to remain vigilant and act responsibly in the warm, dry weather.”

Anyone who sees a wildlife is asked to call 999 immediately.