Lidl's gin festival has returned - with flavours ranging from watermelon, lemon and seaweed going on sale.

The supermarket's event will take place at all its stores across the UK.

Here's what you need to know.

Which distilleries are taking part?

Lidl says the gin festival will give shoppers across the country the chance to celebrate the long weekend with a range of seasonal craft gins.

Highlights include the Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin, a strong juniper-led gin which features seaweed from rocks of the Shetland coastline and the Harborough Watermelon Gin, a sweet serve with notes of juniper and citrus.

Other gins in range include the City of London Six Bells Lemon Gin, a lemon gin with juniper, a soft earthy core note and hints of chamomile and honey and the new CeroCero Non-Alcoholic Citrus Gin.

Which gins will be available?

The following gins will be available in Lidl stores across the UK from 21 May, and are while stocks last. The offering at stores in Scotland and Wales may vary from below.

●        City of London Six Bells Lemon Gin (70cl) 41.3%, £21.99, England

○        Serve with tonic and a slice of cucumber

●        Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin (70cl) 49%, £24.99, Scotland

○        Serve with tonic and a wedge of pink grapefruit

●        Harborough Watermelon Gin (70cl) 40%, £19.99, England

○        Serve with tonic and a slice of fresh watermelon

●        CeroCero Non-Alcoholic Citrus Gin (70cl) 0%, £9.99, Scotland

○        Tonic or lemonade and mixed fruit or lemon/lime

●        Gin 77 (70cl) 40%, £19.99, England

○        Serve with tonic and a slice of fresh pink grapefruit

●        Tyke’s Rose Gin (70cl) 40%, £21.99, England

○        Serve with light tonic or a delicate lemonade

●        Valencian Orange Gin (70cl) 46%, £22.99, England

○        Serve with tonic, an orange wheel and basil leaves

●        Club Tropicana Gin (70cl) 40%, £19.99, England

○        Serve with tonic and mango

●        Bloom Strawberry Cup Gin Liqueur (70cl) 25%, £15.99, England

○        Serve with lemonade and garnish of fresh fruit

●        Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (70cl) 41.3%, £21.99, Wales

○        Serve with cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime