AFTER the announcement of an annual festival being “postponed” amid coronavirus concerns, many members of the community took part in the celebration in isolation.

The Malvern Well Dressing and Water Festival celebrates Malvern’s history, from its iconic spring water and Victorian Water Cure to the area’s ancient Pagan traditions.

Committee member Rick Banbury told the Malvern Gazette last week: “It’s with great sadness that we have to abandon the celebration this year as the festival is not a valid reason to break the Government’s advice on going outside and social gatherings.

“However, we are asking people to send in dressed water features in their home to a Facebook group.”

Sue Dakin took up the challenge and created a yellow brick road.

Sue said: ‘I normally dress Hayslad well which is pretty big.

“ I start the project in the winter months with a massive brainstorm and I enjoy thinking outside the box, incorporating recycled and natural materials.

“I love writing poetry do that’s always in there somewhere.

“In addition it is interactive, eg: finding fairies, messages on ribbons, dressing up.

This year’s dressing is about two thirds of the usual size but still a challenge and it’s been interesting having the yellow Brick Road on my front drive and passers by have enjoyed the wackiness of it.”

Malvern Town Council mayo, cllr Neil Morton, said: "Even though everyone is under lockdown, it's great to see the community celebrating water in their own homes.

"The safety of the public and NHS staff comes first, though.

"I though this year would be my last chance to visit the festival as mayor but as I've been relected for another 12 months, I look forward to the festival's return next year and I'm sure it will be bigger than ever."

Last year, a total of 61 wells were dressed, blessed by Buddhists and Druids adn the first celebration took place in Malvern in the year 2000.

This year marked the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale who visited Malvern to take the Water Cure after she returned from the Crimean War.

The Facebook group can be accessed at: