A FARM in Upton has had its road access blocked by fly-tippers.

Sophie Morgan, vice chair of the Upton Young Farmers Club, said the access to one of their fields, off the A38 near Ripple, had been blocked by tyres, a bed, toilet seats and soiled nappies.

At a video meeting of the Conservative group on Malvern Hills District Council, Cllr Barbara Williams, the district’s rural champion, said she has seen an increase in fly-tipping.

Fellow councillor Jeremy Owenson, who represents Ripple on the council, urged the public to follow the laws on fly tipping.

He said: “I urge residents to remember that if someone dumps their rubbish, not only does the person doing the fly-tipping get fined, but the person whose rubbish was dumped is also fined.”

Illegal dumping of waste is punishable by a fine up to £50,000 or a 12-month prison sentence if convicted in court.