A COUPLE who have been stranded in Spain due to coronavirus say they are still unsure of how and when they can return home.

Denis and Shelley Chirgwin, from Malvern, have been in Costa del Sol since November and are currently in lockdown.

Mr Chirgwin said: "We are and have been quarantined along with all the Spanish people for three weeks now and amazingly we are coping well. We get all the groceries and supplies we need delivered by the supermarket and everything is working well.

"We were due to return home at the end of April but we really don’t hold out much hope, Brittany Ferries have cancelled all boats up until the 28th April.

"I’m not prepared to drive through France as it’s 1,400 miles with no food outlets open on route, it would take me three days. So it looks at the moment we are staying, we’re totally protected and safe here.

"My sister has just come out of hospital in Basingstoke with Covid-19 and I’m not convinced that’s she’s over it all, her chest is awful and she begged us not to return.

"We do have Bunty our dog with us and we are allowed out one at a time, not together to walk her and not more than 300 metres from our home.

"The army have been called in to ensure NO movements , we must go to our nearest shop Only, although Shelley and I are still only leaving the house to walk Bunty."

The government announced last week it had set aside £75 million to repatriate stranded British travellers by air.

Mr Chirgwin said he was unsure whether this would help him or his wife as they had both driven to Spain.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab said the government had made an agreement with several airlines to get British citizens home where commercial flights are no longer running.

He also said airlines would be responsible for getting passengers home where commercial routes remain an option.