READERS have welcomed the news NHS staff are able to park for free on Worcestershire's hospital car parks.

The Worcester News has previously revealed that Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust has now made it free for NHS staff to park on any of its car parks, which includes Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Trust boss Matthew Hopkins said: "At a time when our staff are working so hard to deal with the biggest challenge the NHS has ever faced, it is important that we do everything we can to help and support them."

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Val Watson summed up readers reactions, saying: "Good, as it should be at this time.

"Its rather sad it wasn't automatically offered at the outset of this crisis without public pressure, nonetheless its applied now."

Dennis Hart said: "Good news, well done we have all needed NHS at some point."

Sally Towler said: "A charge for the car park gets taken out of wages every month and the more your salary is the higher the charge, and your still not guaranteed a parking space."

Laura Lison said: "About time too. Many NHS staff have been forced to do park and ride up until the middle of this week therefore putting themselves at even further risk to help others. It’s amazing that it is free but the story doesn’t cover the amount of arguments back and forth and upset to make this happen. The staff car park should be free to all NHS members at all times."

Chris Hiley said: "Hospital car parking should be free always.

"NHS staff having to pay to park at work is an absolute joke."

Eileen Irvine said: "Just insulting to the NHS heroes when the government decided to charge in the first place."

Colin Rouse said: "Not just now but the heroes should be allowed free parking at all times well done all of you and thanks."

Michael Watson added: "It should be free all the time they do a great job."