WORCESTERSHIRE estate agency Andrew Grant is using viewings and valuations via video as a way of keeping the property market moving during the Coronavirus crises.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said all non-essential workers must remain indoors, working from home if possible, putting the country effectively on lockdown for the foreseeable future.

Andre Grant chief executive officer Kristian Stott said: “Much of what we do relies on human contact and on people visiting other’s homes and properties which is becoming increasingly challenging.

"These visits are not just estate agent valuations and viewings but for lettings inspections, maintenance and necessary compliance visits.

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“Following the Prime Minister’s broadcast, we are now suggesting our option of video valuations, which is a simple and straightforward process, and we will also provide video viewings, this will keep people moving forward with their property decision-making without having to compromise what is going on around us.

"Where we need to visit in person it will be for reasons that are either essential to deliver quality of life and resolve maintenance issues or where it is elective from all parties and where all parties have been through a vetting process.

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"The latter may be subject to change in line with recommendations from the government, for now we feel that in person will no longer be our preferred choice.

“We will continue to operate from our branch network until we feel that this itself is in danger of contributing to the issues but we will be locking our doors.

"It is essential that we stay available to allow those buying and selling properties and those who need maintenance and care, to have access to keys and to the transactional elements of this process

"Since December last year so much has changed in our world. The way in which we live our lives has been dramatically challenged, the way we enjoy interactions and our relationships now feel so unusual and for a currently unpredictable period of time things will continue to become even more difficult.”