A FORMER county council manager who became a writer has released the final novel in his trilogy.

Steve Brotherton, who worked as a senior manager in adult social services, has just finished the third and final instalment in his series, entitled "One Last Shot".

Mr Brotherton said: "If I am honest I feel slightly bereft having finished the trilogy.

"It has taken me five years to write all three books and I have lived with these characters in that time."

One Last Shot sees the conclusion of the love story between Freddie and Jo-Jo, two teenage lovers who re-unite after 35 years apart.

The books are semi-autobiographical and Mr Brotherton said he found writing them a cathartic experience.

He added: "I found it really cathartic and a bit of self therapy, it has been in my head all my life.

"It is based on a relationship I had when I was 17 or 18. It is not 100 per cent autobiographical but most of the events have a basis in reality.

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"Going back to the 1970s and 80s - going back into the culture of the time has stirred up some lovely memories."

Mr Brotherton, 57, worked in social services for more than 30 years before retiring and writing his novels.

He said his writing career has not finished, and he is working out what his next challenge will be.

He added: "I'm doing research around my family history and some of those characters are bringing up some interesting people who I didn't even know existed."

"One Last Shot" came out on February 28 and is available on Amazon along with the first two books in the trilogy.

The second book in the trilogy, 'An Extra Shot' was published by the Book Guild and released on July 28 last year.

The book followed on from the cliffhanger ending of the first book 'Another Shot' which was published in 2018.