GREAT Malvern Priory is keeping Malvern connected during the coronavirus outbreak with a special prayer list.

Church services have had to stop but the St Giles Chapel has been reserved for those who want to go and pray and want to ask parishioners to remember their loved ones in their prayers.

A large cross has been set up in the chapel and those calling in are invited to write down the names of people they have special concerns for.

Rev Rod Corke, rural dean and vicar of the Priory, said: "I have put my mother’s name, Margaret, on the cross so that she can be included in our prayers.’

"So many of us are unable to see members of our family so asking others to join in prayers for them is some consolation.

"We are doing our very best to make sure we are helping people get through this as much as we possibly can. These are difficult times but there is a great deal we can do to help.

"The Malvern churches are all working together, especially to help keep the Food Bank going and also Christians Against Poverty."

The Priory also has an organisation called PALS (Priory Area Links) which was set up sometime ago to keep the congregation in touch.

Rev Corke continued: "We have the mechanism in place to find out how our members are coping and who needs help.

"Each part of Malvern has a PALS liaison representative and they are all contacting those in their area to see whether they are alright and what we can do for them.

"If anyone needs help with shopping, phone calls etc one of our team of volunteers will take over.’

"And of course last Sunday we saw hundreds of candles in the windows of Christian homes in Malvern as we all took part in the National day of prayer.

"This is a time for working together to ensure people feel cared for and safe and it is heartening to see how much love and consideration the people of Malvern are showing."

Should anyone wish to contact the Priory, the parish office number is 01684 561020.