A FAMILY have been left heartbroken after cruel thieves spray-painted “HA HA” on their rabbit house after stealing their much-loved pets.

Julia Gibbs said she felt ‘sick to the stomach’ after discovering two of her family’s four rabbits had been stolen from their garden in Quenington Close, Worcester.

Fidget and Wander, both aged six months, were stolen during the day on Wednesday, leaving Mrs Gibbs, her seven children and husband Christopher Gibbs all bereft.

Mrs Gibbs, 37, said: “We're all trying to deal with this as a family, but it breaks my heart to see our children so upset by this sadistic evil act.”

Her daughter Carmenita, 19, said: “It's more than just losing a pet – it feels like losing a part of this family.

Mr Gibbs, 38, added: “I am absolutely disgusted. The alleyway at the back of our property is a constant cause for concern with poor lighting, lack of CCTV, and drug dealing going on there.”

Mrs Gibbs told the Worcester News: “As a family we feel heartbroken. We hand-reared our babies after they lost their mum at two weeks of age. They are part of the family.”

The thieves sprayed “HA HA” in red graffiti on the outside of the rabbit house, with a target sign daubed next to the cruel message.

A garden bench was also damaged, which was believed to have happened when the vandals climbed over the 6ft fence to get into the garden.

Mrs Gibbs added: “We couldn’t see any damage to the rabbit house, but they took the two boys and left dad Rory.

“This was probably because he’s streetwise and would have hid from strangers. Whereas our boys were so friendly, they practically would have jumped onto anyone’s lap.

“I feel sick to my stomach with anger that someone would do this in the middle of the day.

“We fox-proofed our rabbit house – it never crossed my mind that I would have to protect them from burglars.”

Mrs Gibbs is urging rabbit owners to lock up their pets to keep them safe to prevent this from happening again.

She added: “All bunny owners, please lock up your bunnies. We’re sure this was planned and would hate for anyone else to go through this heartbreak.

“I have no idea why anyone would steal them – we don’t have any grudges with neighbours or at school.

“Our children always have friends over, and they have cuddles with our bunnies - they had the friendliest and softest natures.

“If anyone knows of anything or has heard anything, please let me know.

The theft took place on Wednesday, March 4 between 10.30am and 5pm.

If you have any information on the missing rabbits - Fidget and Wander (both six months old), contact the police on 101 and quote incident number 0662-S-0403201.