A MAN from Malvern has been charged by police for illegal possession of a firework and possession of a bladed item.

The 39 year-old was charged after officers confiscated the unlicensed firework on February 23. The firework was destroyed by police in a controlled explosion later that day.

A spokesman said: "The explosion was in relation to two category four display fireworks that were seized from an unlicensed member of the public.

"They cannot be safely stored within the Police or sold on, and as such the MOD Police were called to assist with safely disposing of them. This was completed by means of controlled explosion.

"A 39 year old male was charged with possession of Category 4 firework, and possession of a bladed / sharply pointed article and bailed to court."

The @MalvernCops Twitter account posted footage of the detonation online, along with the caption: "Thanks to the Army bomb disposal unit for helping us out with our find today and to farmer John for letting them blow up his field #dontpanic"

They had earlier tweeted a warning to residents explaining what the explosion was.

They said: "An item was seized today by police that is suspected to be a heavy duty firework for display purposes but as a precaution will be destroyed in a controlled explosion this afternoon at a location just outside Malvern... Just in case you hear a loud bang late this afternoon."