UPTON upon Severn appears to be safe from imminent flooding with water going down and not being expected to defeat the town's flood defences.

A severe weather warning imposed by the Environment Agency remains in place, though it is expected waters will continue to recede.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Saxons Lode river gauge is currently lower than its peak on February 17, though it remains high against the New Street flood barrier.

Water flowing down-river and forecast rainfall means the river level will remain high for at least the next few days.

While it is not anticipated that this will cause the river to rise significantly, the severe weather warning remains in place meaning a possible risk of life.

The weather warning is expected to remain in place until at least February 20 so residents are still advised to prepare a bag containing essentials including medicines and insurance documents.

Elsewhere, the Powick roundabout re-opened on February 18 following its closure due to the floods.

Powick was hit hard by the floods, with as many as 25 homes having to be evacuated and the residents of the Powick Mill site being nearly cut off and having to wade out in waist-deep water.

Juliet Wallace-Mason, director of Powick Mill, said the residents had come together to help each other out.

She said: "The fields are all flooded and Old Road is impassable. We got the call and were told to evacuate but thankfully only one house is without power currently.

"They have been able to get some people out by boat who need to get out as the car park has been waist-deep.

"We are sitting tight and waiting for the next lot as we are at a confluence so there could be lots of water coming down from Wales.

"We are holding our breath here and waiting to see."