UPTON residents remain defiant despite the town being threatened by flooding.

Emergency services put a severe weather warning in place for the town on Monday, saying there was an imminent risk to life.

Residents had been advised to evacuate, but the decision was changed late on Monday night when waters began to recede.

Ralph Thompson, landlord of the Swan Hotel by the waterside, said the flooding had not overly affected business, and that they were prepared.

He said: “I got the phone call from the Environment Agency yesterday saying there was a serious risk but I said I wasn’t going to go - it is not easy moving myself, girlfriend and two dogs.

“The other thing is where is the security when you’re gone?

“We have been busy as anything despite the risk. Yesterday we had a lot of people helping us and moving furniture and it was a good bit of community spirit going.”

Deputy mayor of Upton, Shirley Dobbin, said she was proud of the community for their “fighting spirit”.

She said: “Police along with residents travelled around to homes to check on people and offer them lifts to the shelter if needed.”

Martin Allen, district councillor for Upton and Hanley, said: “On Monday night, West Mercia Police wanted volunteers from Upton to crew up with a police officer to carry out welfare checks on residents.

“They wanted about 20 people but such was the fantastic turn out at the fire station, I had to send a Facebook message out telling people no more volunteers were needed.

“I’m so proud of the community and the flooding has brought out our fighting spirit - Upton should be very proud."

Workmen helping to clear up at the Star Inn said they were not worried about the flooding, and that they were prepared.

The water appears to have fallen slightly at the waterfront, with many of the premises there putting sandbags up in front of their doors.

As of Tuesday afternoon (February 18) the severe weather warning remains in place for Upton and the surrounding area.

Residents are still advised to keep a bag ready with essentials including insurance documents in case the flood barriers around the town are breached.