A MUM says she has been left unable to work after she broke her wrist falling over an uneven pavement at a new housing estate.

Vicki Dobbs claims the fall also left her covered in mud in the dark because of the state of the road and there are no streetlights.

Malvern Gazette:

Developer Persimmon has launched an investigation into the incident.

Mrs Dobbs' accident is the latest in a string of problems plaguing the controversial Yew Tree Hill estate in Droitwich, which has already been delayed over legal disputes and hit by squatters.

Mrs Dobbs, 31, said: “I was getting into my sister's car in Badger End, we were on our way to bingo in the evening. The road is really uneven, there are raised kerbs and loose paving stones, and to make matters worse there are no streetlights.

“I just hit the deck, it sent me flying. I fell on my front, and my wrist took the brunt of it. I was caked in mud.

"My sister drove me to A&E and I was told it was broken and had to be put in a cast.”

Malvern Gazette:

Since the accident on January 18, Mrs Dobbs has had to take time off from her job as a nursery nurse, and is unable to drive, leaving her reliant on family members to do everyday things such as pick up her son from school.

Speaking through tears, she said: “I feel really rubbish, it has been really traumatic.

"I have had to have the cast taken off as a lump has appeared on my wrist – I am now waiting for an MRI to see what is happening with the fracture.

“I adore my job and I am having to take time off – the kids rely on me. I feel so frustrated. It is still so painful and I hate being so restricted.

"The accident was preventable, it should never have happened. The roads should not have been left in such an unsafe way.”

Malvern Gazette:

However, Mrs Dobbs said she has received an apology from Persimmon.

She said: “The builders on the site have been lovely, they come and ask how I am and I have received an apology from the site manager.

"I just feel so annoyed this happened. It is me that has to live with the consequences, not them.”

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A spokesman for Persimmon Homes South Midlands said: “We were very alarmed and saddened to hear about this lady’s fall and our team has been in touch to check on her wellbeing.

“Our health and safety team and the site manager are investigating the incident and will keep in touch with the resident.”

Malvern Gazette: