Upton Baptist Church has bought a new commercial freezer to help cut-down on local frozen food waste.

Councillors Andrea Morgan and Martin Allen paid for the freezer from the ward fund provided by the Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC).

The church has been running a community fridge scheme for the last few years and was the first one to be implemented in Worcestershire.

People and firms have been able to donate spare fresh food for general public use and now the church is trying to further prevent food waste.

The project has so far managed to save over one tonne of food going to waste and councillor Allen believes the addition of a freezer scheme will continue to help the surrounding area.

“Me and Andrea (Morgan) are both very pleased to be supporting such a worthwhile project” he said. “The people of Upton should be very proud of themselves.

“The saving in wasted food, plus the helping of those less fortunate makes this worth every penny spent. Upton is leading the way.”

The use of a commercial freezer instead of a normal one means the church can offer more variety of frozen produce and stop waste.

The average family in the UK waste £810 a year by throwing away food and drink and £3 billion is wasted by the food sector.

Organisations including the local Co-op and pubs and restaurants in the area have agreed to provide fresh and frozen food that would normally be thrown away because of the best before date.

People can donate food for the fridge or freezer between 9am and 5pm each day at Old Street, Upton Baptist Church.