IT has been interesting to see the various proposed developments for Malvern and the surrounding area.

The Malvern Splash, Edith Walk, a new taproom being opened, these are exciting developments which Malvern stands to benefit from.

We hear a lot about the death or decline of small towns like Malvern, so it is encouraging to see these new shoots of progress which could provide a refreshing update for the future.

The Edith Walk development still needs to be approved by Malvern Hills District Council’s planning committee, but it appears the developers have done their homework and discussed it with planning officers.

There will be Malvern residents who will understandably have concerns over new developments like this, especially when you add to these the impending 800-plus homes to be built around Malvern and it is not unreasonable to worry, but we should be open-minded about the future of the town.

Would we rather make at least an attempt to modernise and expand the town, or leave it to stagnate?

Developments like the ones being revealed are important for towns like Malvern, and anything that can bring new trade and residents in should be encouraged.

That being said, developers do need to make sure they are getting it right and council officers need to make sure they apply the proper scrutiny to any plans coming their way.

As long as new developments enhance and remain are in keeping with the essence of Malvern, we should actively encourage them.