SCHOOLBOYS have been praised by TVs Ben Garrod for organising their own fundraiser for orphaned baby chimps.

Doogal Barnett, aged nine, and brother Fergus Barnett, seven, asked their school to run a ‘dress up as an animal day’ to raise money for the chimps after watching ‘Baby Chimp Rescue.’

They boys presented their idea, produced a poster and wrote to parents after getting the go-ahead from their headteacher Adrian Pratley at Hanley Swan Primary School.

Proud mum Gina Barnett said: “Our children have been so moved by this programme that they have decided to try and raise as much money as possible to help build a new sanctuary for chimps. They have watched Professor Ben Garrod visit Jimmy and Jenny Desmond at their rescue centre in Liberia.

“Jimmy and Jenny rescue orphaned baby chimps; they are critically endangered due to disease from humans, habitat loss and illegal pet trade.

“This has been captivating for the boys as the baby chimps are so like children, they love to be tickled and also to play peek a boo!”

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Mr Pratley said: “Doogal and Fergus wrote me a very persuasive letter two weeks ago asking if the school could support the fundraising efforts. After getting the go ahead with the event, they have organised a ‘dress up as an animal day,’ delivered an assembly to the whole school, written a piece for the weekly newsletter and have developed a page about the project on the school website.

“Thanks to the boys’ efforts, the whole school is motivated to raise as much money as possible to support such a worthy cause.”

Professor Garrod sent the boys a messages saying: “It’s amazing that you want your school to do a fundraiser - Jimmy, Jenny and the kids will all be so pleased.”

Mrs Barnett added: “We are obviously extremely proud of their commitment, enthusiasm, and motivation. We would be really grateful if you were able to support Doogal and Fergus in their fundraising efforts!”

The just giving page is: The day has been set for January 31.