WORCESTERSHIRE’S health trust is asking residents on their views on how to develop the county’s community hospitals.

An event, organised by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, took place at St Peter’s Baptiste Church in a bid to gather ideas on how to better utilise community hospitals.

The trust has assured that community hospitals are safe - this follows from a story in the Worcester News this week about outpatient services being transferred from community hospitals to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Gary Morgan, head of communications, said: “Each hospital is slightly different, but they’re a key part of our health care system.


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"We recognise they can play an even greater and more prominent role in our local community.

“This could change the way community hospitals have traditionally been used and while they will continue to do the majority of the things they currently provide, we want to work with local people to look at new or different opportunities for them to play an even bigger role in their local areas.

“The hospitals are safe. There is no risk or danger to any of them. It is about how they can do more and play a greater role in our local area.”

The trust wants to introduce health clubs and activities into community hospitals so there is a hub for people to get fit and stay healthy.

The trust is looking at ways to make outpatient services more effective, such as an opportunity for outpatients to talk to doctors via Skype or a phone call.

Mr Morgan added: "We will not force that upon anybody, it’s just an option where appropriate.

"We are trying to be as effective as we can. It’s saving patients and doctors time, unless there is a real need for a face to face appointment.”

There are seven community hospitals in Worcestershire.

Community hospitals support patients who need more care than can be provided at home, but who aren’t too ill they need emergency care or surgery.