WEST MERCIA'S police and crime commissioner is hosting a live Q&A after news that the 2020 police budget was set to go up.

John Campion has said he wants to hear questions in order to raise any issues with the Chief Constable.

Mr Campion said: “It’s important that tax payers have a say in how their money is spent, and that resources are used wisely on the issues that matter the most.

“In previous years the public have helped to shape decisions leading to an uplift in officer numbers making the police more visible and accessible.

“This is an opportunity to have your say at the highest level, in the most open and transparent way.”

Two hundred and fifteen extra officers were recruited last year, which Mr Campion said came after members of the public expressed the need for more officers on the streets.

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A further 93 officers will be joining West Mercia this year as part of Boris Johnson's promise to add 20,000 more officers across the country.

As reported in Worcester News yesterday, Mr Campion aims to increase West Mercia Police’s share of the council tax revenue by 2.94 per cent, which equates to approximately 50p extra per month for a Band D household.

The move, laid out in Mr Campion’s 2020/2021 budget proposals is said to be needed to enable communities to receive a more effective service from the force.

Mr Campion will be going live on Facebook on Monday January 20 at 7pm to answer questions.

The Commissioner says he and his deputy Tracey Onslow will then put your questions to West Mercia Police Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, and new deputy chief constable Julian Moss.

To ask a question, visit Facebook @WestMerciaPCC or email: getinvolved@westmercia.pnn.police.uk or you can comment during the live broadcast.