A COUNCILLOR is calling for effective CCTV at a Malvern retail park after vandals smashed up a bus stop and car.

The bus stop beside Morrisons at Malvern Shopping Park, in Roman Way, was damaged over the weekend of January 4 and 5, with glass panels smashed and pink paint sprayed on the structure.

This has prompted Malvern hills district councillor Paul Bennett to ask why there was no CCTV at the bus stop.

“A group of kids apparently smashed up the bus stop and apparently a car was smashed up too," he told the Gazette.

“I spoke to some of the staff from Morrisons and they cleaned up as best they can, but there is still no CCTV down there even though McDonald’s at the retail park is a centre for late night activity and bus stops with wifi like that one are so vulnerable.

“The retail park should really have recording CCTV that stays recorded for a couple of weeks.

“It is such a huge place with such a centre for anti-social behaviour and I am amazed that McDonald’s haven’t been called up on this by the police because they are the only late night option there where people can sit or stand outside.”

The Malvern Shopping Park, in Roman Way, is owned by Surrey County Council as an out-of-town asset but administered by property management firm Cushman and Wakefield.

When contacted by the Gazette, Cushman and Wakefield said CCTV would be the responsibility of Morrisons as the bus stop is on their land.

However, a spokesman for Morrisons told the Gazette they understood that it was Malvern Hills District Council’s responsibility.

Amanda Smith, community services manager at Malvern Hills District Council, said: “The retail park in Malvern is a busy area and visitor safety is paramount.

“The site is privately owned and as such, any security matters come under the responsibility of the landowners.

“Working with key partners, we would be happy to engage with the land owners, as we have previously on other community safety related matters. Anti social behaviour and crime should be reported to the police.”

Councillor Bennett said he was amazed the area had no CCTV, adding: “I am very surprised that, effectively, an area with thousands of visitors a week has no recording devices. It doesn’t make any sense from all sorts of aspects.”

The damage to the bus stop is not the first incident of this kind to hit the retail park.

A woman was arrested and searched by police on January 7, when a “suspicious car” was stopped by officers, who found a large quantity of stolen cosmetics inside.

Last month also saw two brothers from Worcester convicted of stealing nearly £500 worth of goods from the retail park.

The retail park was bought by Surrey County Council for more than £70 million in 2017 to generate income.

Local authorities like Surrey County Council have been buying property outside of their area as a new way of generating funding following government cuts to council budgets.