A PENSIONER is campaigning for takeaway restaurants to provide re-usable plastic containers for customers to help the environment.

David Furlong is urging takeaway restaurants to get involved with the scheme in a bid to cut down plastic waste.

Mr Furlong, aged 72 said: “There must be thousands of us who throw away our plastic tubs after use. They just go straight to landfill.

“People get a takeaway once a week, every fortnight or once a month.

“If you multiply that up it is a lot of plastic waste.

"If everyone helped it could make a difference.”

Mr Furlong, from Como Road in Malvern, has been working with Chinese restaurant Wok n' Roll who has supported the initiative for three months.

Mr Furlong has been returning the plastic boxes after cleaning them at home for the takeaway in Barnard's Green to re-use for its future customers.


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He said: “I have established a connection with a local takeaway restaurant.

“I just asked the staff if I could bring back my clean tub back after for them to re-use. They were quite happy with it."

He added: “The idea is for customers to take the tub back to the restaurant where staff can use it again for their next order.

“I try and do my bit for the environment.”

Mr Furlong says he hopes to get more restaurants on board with the idea to help reduce the usage of plastics and promote recycling.

He is calling for more people to support the initiative, adding: “It is about doing something for the environment.

"We need to be more conscious and raise awareness.

“Like reducing the number of plastic bags, I want to make more people aware on what we can do to help reduce plastic waste.

“A simple way like this could help.

“I think all restaurant takeaways should do this. I have not heard anyone else that has done this.

“After speaking to people about the plastic tubs, it seems I am the only person that returns them afterwards."