PLANS for 50 new homes near Upton-Upon-Severn have been greeted with caution by town’s councillors.

Councillors discussed the plans contained within the South Worcestershire Development Plan which could see 50 homes built to the west of the town, just south of Tunnel Hill.

The development site, which is adjacent to Monsell Lane, has been earmarked as one of the sited to go for public consultation as part of a wider plan for more than 14,000 homes across South Worcestershire.

At the town council’s most recent meeting, mayor Henrietta Ross said: “As it stands we are going to gain 50 houses on top of 43 being built.

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“My concern is with Tunnel Hill being changed from a category 3 development site to a category 2, these 93 homes being proposed might not be the end of it.

“Is that something we wish to happen in the future?”

Being upgraded to a category 2 site would mean there is greater potential for future development on a larger scale, and councillors were cautious about the developments.

Councillor Simon Yates said: “I am all in favour of Upton having more houses, but this seems the wrong way to do it.”

Councillor John Thompson said the site “fits in well” with the town plan from more than a decade ago, and councillors decided to agree to the 50 houses, but not to the re-designation of Tunnel Hill as category 2, saying it would be no better served by it and for that reason, it would not be right.

The Malvern Hills district will see more than 1,200 new homes built by 2040.