NEWS that a cafe is removing meat from its menu has been met with with positivity from customers, the owner says.

Tom Floyd, owner of Abbey Road Coffee, Malvern said: “There are no negatives at all, everyone has been really positive. We did a facebook post and I have never had so many replies. It has been seen by 30,000 people and usually posts are only seen by about 500 people.”

Mr Floyd says the cafe will be phasing out all meat items gradually and will aim to be meat free by December 1.

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Mr Floyd said: “I have been vegan for two-and-a-half years now. It’s been a long time coming in that way really. Green Peace say the best thing anyone can do for the planet is to stop eating meat, so we thought it was the right time to do it.”

“If anything the only negatives were from vegans. They want us to give up dairy as well. The problem is that being a coffee shop, and that most people drink milk, it would be like Costa or Starbucks trying to give up dairy, it wouldn’t work at this time” Mr Floyd said.

“But maybe in the future.”

“Because I have been vegan for two-and- a-half years I have been phasing it out. We don’t do any fish or chicken, all we really do is bacon and pastrami for the sandwiches. So there isn’t going to be a lot changing really.”

The cakes at the coffee shop are already vegan. The shop already offers plant based milk at a lower price than cows milk, unlike some coffee shops which charge more, and the cows milk that is served is organic. They will be offering meat free alternatives when meat has been phased out.

After spending 11 years at every level of the coffee industry Mr Floyd decided to follow his dream and open his own independent coffee shop.

He said learning about global warming and watching programs like David Attenborough's Frozen planet helped his decision to remove meat from his coffee shop.

"Things are going the right way and the staff just care about the planet and animals really."

"You hear so much about the planet. I don't think removing meat will be a bad thing."