THE Malvern Gazette’s Pub of the Year competition is back, and nominations are already coming in.

Reader Stephen Rowan has nominated the Bluebell at Barnards Green.

He said: “Marstons undertook a refurbishment of the pub a few years ago and improved the pub internally and at the same time changed the menu, introducing freshly cooked food.

“As a result the standard of the food served by the Bluebell has improved beyond measure and they now sell good, well cooked food at reasonable prices.

“At the same time as the re-furbishment took place, new managerial staff were brought in.

“The pub is now managed by James Grant. He has been a tour de force for the Bluebell. He is motivated, energetic and sociable. James has come up with some innovative ideas and regularly has events at the pub for the community.

The first Thursday of every month, the pub hosts a Help for Heroes quiz night and each Wednesday night hosts a quiz night for local charities with the pub providing the venue, question master and prizes.

“Any local charity looking to raise funds can ring the pub and book themselves in for a quiz night. To date over £7,000 has been raised by the Bluebell for local charities.”

Voting closes on Friday, December 20, so use the slip in today’s newspaper to name your favourite pub.