WORK to remove debris from the River Severn was cancelled after rising water levels meant it was no longer safe.

Worcestershire County Council's highways department had been due to close Worcester Bridge eastbound on Monday morning to allow teams to remove the large amount of flood debris which had gathered at the base.

On Monday morning, the department wrote on Twitter that they had decided to cancel the work, saying: "Today's eastbound closure of Worcester bridge for flood debris removal has been CANCELLED due to a change in river level making the operation unsafe.We'll review in a few days time."

The debris has washed down the Severn after a week of heavy flooding which saw large areas of the riverside under water including Worcester Racecourse.

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A new study from a climate thinktank has said that areas of the county are in danger of being underwater by 2050.

The report, commissioned by Climate Central says that areas of Worcestershire including Severn Stoke and Upton-Upon-Severn will be below the fall below the elevation of an average annual coastal flood.

According to Climate Central: "Based on sea level projections for 2050, land currently home to 300 million people will fall below the elevation of an average annual coastal flood. By 2100, land now home to 200 million people could sit permanently below the high tide line."

The town of Upton was flooded last week, with water levels still high in the town. The B4211 Hanley Road was closed for most of the week, only opening on November 1.

According to the government's flood information service, further light rainfall is forecast over the next 24 hours. River levels are falling, but still pose a flood risk.

Residents are advised to avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers.