A BID to build a daytime hand car wash behind a restaurant was rejected because it would be unsightly and too noisy.

Planners at Malvern Hills District Council rejected a proposal to build a hand car wash and valeting service behind Cromwell's Nepalese and Indian Cuisine off Malvern Road in Powick because it would the noise of jet hoses would be too disruptive for neighbours.

Planners also said a new car wash would create a "significant visual intrusion" on the countryside and would fail to integrate with the rural character of the area.

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Powick Parish Council made several objections to the plan saying a new car wash would badly affect traffic on the already-busy A449 with cars travelling to the restaurant and extra service traffic for work being carried out on the Southern Link Road.

The parish council said cars travelling along the A449 often exceed the speed limit of 40 miles per hour travelling away from the Southern Link Road work.

Powick Parish Council also questioned the need for another hand car wash with one in Bromwich Road, Tesco St Peter’s and one in Malvern Link.

The parish council also said it was concerned by the amount of surface water that would need to be drained from the car park and it would not be sensible to add to the problem in an area that already has a flood alleviation scheme.

Several objections were also made by neighbours.

Stephen Randall from Powick said the noise of constant jet washing would be very disturbing to a currently peaceful area and said potential queues in Malvern Road from cars trying to enter the car park would be hazardous.

He said: “Although the speed limit here is 40mph, being a resident here for over five years we have learned that the road is subject to constant speeding drivers exiting the A4440 slip lane to Malvern Road.

“The idea of having queuing cars trying to access Cromwell’s car park from the main road for a car wash would be potentially hazardous.”

Linda Hugh of Malvern Road said the car wash would be an "eyesore" and it was not needed as another car wash was less than two miles away.

She also said cars pulling into the car park would be dangerous as cars usually accelerated on that stretch of the A449 and could create long queues.

A plan to open a hand car wash in the car park was submitted in 2018 but was withdrawn.