WEST Worcestershire's Lib Dem PPC Beverley Nielsen has reacted to the upcoming election.

She said: "With continuing uncertainty, going on for over 3 years, it’s time for people to have a fresh say on Brexit and on the future direction for our country.

“We can stop all this Brexit nonsense right now and get on with much more important things – health and education reforms, housing and transport that meets our needs, and greening up our economy.

“Leaving now certainly doesn’t mean an end to it. It’s just the beginning as we look for a trade deal with years of uncertainty in the offing and lots of extra costs for business.

“There’s no deal that can be struck which will give us the freedoms to the extent that we enjoy them now.

"And if we leave with no deal at all it will be a generation-changing event setting back our country for years.”

Earlier this week, MP for the area Harriett Baldwin responded to the news that the country is facing a December 12 general election.

She said: "The House of Commons has spoken and we must now hold a general election to attempt to secure a clear majority and a Government which will pass a Brexit deal.

"It is not an ideal situation but I fear that we risk a parliament which cannot make decisions, cannot pass legislation and cannot deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum.

"I look forward to returning to the constituency next week after this parliament is formally dissolved.

"I am proud of my successes delivering fairer funding for local schools, better funding for our local hospitals and ensuring that we have more police on the streets.

"I will be putting my case for re-election on the streets and lanes of West Worcestershire over the next six weeks and I hope that I will be re-elected on December 12, as part of a majority Conservative government."