MEMBERS of a poetry group in Malvern are sharing their work with Gazette readers.

Poems by members of Spoken Word, a group that meets every Thursday at 7.30pm at Abbey Road Coffee to perform their work, are being published in the Gazette to promote the talent in Malvern and encourage more people to take up the artform.

Francis Charters, a member of the group, said: “Creative writing in Malvern has come to Abbey Road for many decades. Thousands of creatively written letters have come to the post office with heartfelt replies arriving at the sorting office next door.

“In more recent years the performance of creative writing has followed the same geography. Next door to the sorting office, down the newly renovated steps to the Priory, Abbey Road Coffee hosts a spoken word poetry evening every Thursday night at 7.30pm.

“Abbey Road Coffee Spoken Word is a disparate group of local poets, raconteurs, storytellers and wordsmiths. Some are fearless, some fearful, yet they all have that creative gene which they express with their words.”

For more information on the group, email

North hill – automatic reply

by Rushna Walton

Thank you for contacting North Hill.

I’m sorry I don’t appear to be here right now.

For all you know, I may have upped and left during the night.

But your visit is important to me.

So please get in touch later in the day

When the sun has had a chance to tackle the dense cloud.

Alternatively, you may wish to man-up

And put on a raincoat and some wellies.

Thank you for calling.