MEMBERS of Malvern For Europe joined friends and colleagues from Hereford, Ledbury, Colwall and Worcester to take part in the People’s Vote march in London on Saturday.

An estimated 700 people from Herefordshire and Worcester filled nine coaches and several train carriages to take part in the walk to Parliament Square.

Jacquie Rogers from Colwall said: “I’ve come to London feeling generally despondent about this government’s persistence in ruining and breaking apart our country.

“But a march in the company of friendly courteous people, listening to wonderful speeches of hope and honesty makes such a difference.

“Now I feel like we have a good chance to save the country and our children’s future.”

Chris Badcock of Malvern said: “Even though the government’s own figures show the country will be poorer under any of the deals which have so far been rejected, the main purpose of the EU is not the economy but the security and wellbeing of its citizens.

“We’re able to live in an environment which provides the best human rights, consumer and employee protection of anywhere in the world.”

Another Malvern for Europe member, Paul Hawes, said, “It was a magnificent event. It can be lonely in a crowd - but not this one.

“Vast numbers of lovely people radiating a feeling of togetherness that racists and xenophobes will never understand. Britain wants to remain. Two million said so on Saturday. This is a message that politicians cannot ignore forever.”

Saturday’s event was the fourth People’s Vote march to be held since April 2018, This one called the Let Us Be Heard march.

It was planned for the same day as the vote in the House of Commons on Boris Johnson’s revised withdrawal agreement.

Organisers estimated a million people attended the march, whose purpose was to demand a confirmatory referendum on the terms of withdrawal.