A FORMER Worcester Warriors rugby star has started a new career in financial advice.

Jonny Arr, who retired this summer, has recently been hired as a mortgage advisor by the Financial Advice Centre, based in Sansome Place.

Mr Arr, 30, made 217 appearances for the club over 12 years with Warriors, having joined their juniors team at the age of 7.

During that time he was able to gain a first-class degree in Leadership and Management from the University of Northumbria.

Mr Arr said: "I was hoping to stay in the full time game but that didn't materialise, so I started working out what other options there were.

"I had a few offers from the semi-pro game and Moseley seemed the right fit.

"Rugby is different from football in the sense that only a very small percentage of players make the kind of money where they can retire at 35 and not really need to work again so you do need to prepare for life after rugby.

"The club's learning and education team have been really good to me and the boys at Worcester are really well looked after when it comes to preparing for life after rugby.

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"I have got the best of both worlds in a way because I can stay involved in the game still with Moseley and I have left the game on my own terms."

What attracted him to the world of financial advice was being in an industry where he could help people, something he said he wanted to do.

"It came out of the blue really. I had never really considered finance as a career, but being a rugby player and having to plan for life after rugby, I have had to make informed choices and be smart with my money for a long time, so I really want to give back and help people make the right decisions.

"I am really lucky to have had a 12 year rugby career, and even though it might have ended earlier than I would have liked, I am still very lucky to have had the opportunity."