TWO candidates for the Worcester's parliamentary seat are among the Worcester residents that are in central London today calling for a "final say" on Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal.

Organisers of the "People's Vote" campaign are calling for the public to have the final vote on whether they support the withdrawal deal from the European Union, negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, or remaining in the EU instead.

The deal is being debated and voted on in the Commons this afternoon, with a close result expected.

It is understood five coaches left from Worcestershire earlier today, and county protesters also found other ways to the capital for the march which ends at Parliament Square.

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This morning Liberal Democrat candidate tweeted a picture from the protest, tweeting: "Standing outside House of Commons hoping with all my being that MPs choose to put people first.

"Most tragic and important march of my 67 years. #brexitisbonkers #BetterTogether #LetUsBeHeard."

And the Green Party's city candidate Louis Stephen ,who represents Battenhall on Worcester City Council, is also attending, tweeting a picture on train to London.

Before the march Cllr Stephen told the Worcester News: "The best deal with Europe is the one we already have.

"The deal says there will be a level playing field with the EU only in the Political Declaration, so it’s not legally binding.

"I’m worried there is a very real risk that a future government could sell-out the NHS and accept lower USA food standards which could include hormone riddled beef and chlorinated chicken.

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"Many West Midlands businesses operate with extremely lean just in time logistics working closely with sister plants in Europe. This deal will affect investment and jobs.

"This is a terrible deal, the MP’s have failed – for the sake of democracy the people must be given a final say on the negotiated deal.”

Earlier this week city MP Robin Walker told the Worcester News he was backing the deal as it protected the economy and delivered Brexit.

And Labour MP Lynn Denham said she urged of her party's MPs considering voting for the Brexit deal this afternoon "to think again", adding "a bad deal is not the right answer."