Malvern Town Council is looking for people to join its new environment panel and help tackle the problems of climate change.

The council declared a Climate Emergency at its meeting held last month, following a motion proposed by Cllr Sharon Taylor and seconded by Cllr Samantha Charles.

At the meeting, Cllr Taylor said: “If we are to take climate change seriously and create a carbon neutral and sustainable Malvern, we need a new sense of urgency. More than just declaring a climate emergency, we must take a fresh look at the environmental impact of all council business.”

The new panel will hold its first meeting on Thursday, October 24.

Its brief includes reviewing update the council’s environmental policy, exploring ways of reducing its carbon footprint and encouraging residents to do likewise.

Cllr Taylor said: “We will be looking for Malvern people with knowledge of green issues and expertise to join the panel after this date.

Anyone interested in being involved in the environment panel should contact the council on 01684 566667 or fill in a form on the council website.