Michelle Hutchings endured a horrific ordeal on May 21, 2017 and, unbelievably, this nightmarish experience was apparently made worse by the police officer she approached for help.

The 28-year-old had fled her home with her young son after being brutally attacked by her now ex-partner and feared he was in pursuit, so you can only imagine her relief when she saw a police officer in a marked car outside the Greggs bakery in Worcester Road, Malvern – and then her astonishment and horror when that PC allegedly told her to just make her way to the police station, effectively fobbing her off, she claims.

That the officer in question, PC Andrew Wright, was dismissed by West Mercia Police for that incident and other allegations of misconduct, says everything about how the force views the way he was said to have behaved to Miss Hutchings.

The vast majority of officers at West Mercia Police are a credit to their profession, as many Worcester residents will know. So let's not use the alleged behaviour of ex-PC Wright to criticise all police.