CRIMINALS with alcohol problems will be issued with ‘sobriety tags’ that alert police when they drink.

Under the plan which aims to cut reoffending, courts can impose orders on alcohol-related offenders to ban them from drinking.

Offenders will have to wear high tech devices that work off three sensors that can immediately detect alcohol consumption.

The tags will be used on those arrested for offences related to repeat-drinking, including drink-driving, domestic violence and child abuse.

The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the new measures, which was announced by the Justice Secretary today (October 1).

In the last year, nearly 6000 alcohol related offences were recorded across West Mercia.

Commissioner John Campion said: “Across many of West Mercia’s towns and cities, alcohol related violence is an issue, which drains police resources.

“I welcome any measures which tackle the root causes of this issue, giving courts powers to impose punishments which are proven to work. Ultimately measures like this will help to make our communities safer.”