A CLIMATE emergency has been declared in Malvern after councillors voted unanimously in favour of the motion.

At the full meeting of Malvern Town Council on September 25, a motion was discussed put forward by councillors Samantha Charles and Sharon Taylor.

The motion called for the council to join with other towns across the country and declare a Climate Emergency.

Cllr Taylor said: "This is something where we need to sit up and take notice, not just for politics' sake, but for everyone."

The motion put forward, after some debate on the wording, was that the council would:

l. Declare a Climate Emergency.

l. A Town Council environmental panel will be formed to review and update environmental policy and look at how local residents and businesses can be inspired to become carbon-neutral.

l. Encourage local participation taking advantage of local knowledge and skills.

The motion was voted through unanimously, and the town's environment panel will meet to discuss measures the town can take to be more environmentally friendly, encouraging residents to contribute with ideas and suggestions.

Cllr Charles said: "I am happy to support this motion both as a town and a district councillor.

"I should say that the emails I get about this matter are above and beyond anything else, asking that we take the climate seriously."

Several members of the public applauded when the council reached its decision, with one being heard to say "I feel better already, you are all gorgeous."