A DEVASTATED woman was left wondering what had happened to the remains of her cat after she claims she was told they had been scattered by a vets staff.

Sedelle Doyle, said a box had not been ticked on forms to indicate that she wanted her cat’s ashes returned to her, therefore they had been discarded and she was unable to bring her cat, Misty home.

Mrs Doyle, of Gloucester Close, Malvern, says the event has made her “an emotional wreck.”

“I have had her 17 years and she is part of me.

“I am in shock, I am devastated and I’m angry.” Mrs Doyle said.

“They promised me hand on heart that she would be well looked after.”

When her beloved Misty passed away on Friday, August 30 Mrs Doyle took her to Best Friends Veterinary Surgery in Malvern.

Mrs Doyle was told it would take seven to 10 days for her to be given Misty’s ashes.

Mrs Doyle was working in Belfast last week but when she returned she still had not heard from the vets.

When she returned she rang them to ask what was taking so long and was told what had happened.

Mrs Doyle said when she first took Misty into the vets, on the day she had passed away, she was “in absolute bits.”

“I nearly collapsed, but I maintained that I wanted her home.”

“I told them I wanted it done separately. I made it clear.”

“I just can’t believe it meant ticking a box.”

Mrs Doyle said: “I am not a nasty person, I just don’t want anyone else to go through this.”

Mrs Doyle said she was offered her money back but says: “It is not about the money. Misty is not a product.”

Best Friends Veterinary Surgery declined to comment.