CLIMATE protestors are taking to the streets of Malvern today as part of a wave of national protests.

Extinction Rebellion activists will be meeting at the Barnards Green roundabout at 10.30am before marching to the top of Church Street, past Malvern College.

At midday they will pass by Malvern St James on the way back to Barnards Green before leaving and marching to The Chase at 12.30.

They will then return to Barnards Green where they will remain until 2pm.

The climate strikes are going around the country as part of a day of nationwide action by the group.

In Worcester, climate protestors blocked Worcester Bridge, causing substantial delays to motorists during rush hour.

Extinction Rebellion laid out their demands earlier this week, they are:

• The government must declare a meaningful climate emergency, communicating the severity of the ecological crisis to the general public.

• The government must implement a Green New Deal (creating jobs through building an infrastructure of sustainable energy)

• The education system must be reformed to address climate change as an educational priority

• Youth voices must be heard in policy making

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