A GROUP of environmental protesters travelled to Worcester to deliver an open letter to Worcestershire County Council over 'inaction' on climate change.

14 members of the Malvern branch of Extinction Rebellion travelled to Worcester by train from the town and walked to the Worcester News building in Hylton Road to deliver their letter calling for more action from the County Council, which declared a climate emergency in may.

The group decorated their faces to look like skeletons and held up a banner showing a skull made up of bees.

One member of the group, Isabel Jones, said: "Back in May, councillors pledged to take action but it was diluted down and we feel we have been let down by the council.

"We want to see their original deadline of 2050 brought back to 2025 or 2030 so they can face the crisis much earlier."

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The letter, addressed to the County Council, says: "We can avoid this doomsday scenario if we act now - not by 2050.

"Over 230 councils in the United Kingdom have declared a climate emergency and recognised the need to act, and many have set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 or earlier.

"It is time for Worcestershire County Council and its representative councillors to act with a sense of urgency and do everything in their power to reduce the county's emissions.

"We have less than 18 months to begin making the cuts needed to stave off global heating feedback loops that will destroy the Earth's ecosystems.

"Switching to renewable energy sources and green sustainable ways of working can offer a huge economic benefit and new jobs, if our leaders would only take the initiative.

"Extinction Rebellion is a powerful movement of committed people who want to safeguard our children's future.

"We have not forgotten the County Council's failure to act."