THE residents of Castlemorton are quite right to be concerned about the way Saturday's rallying event has been publicised, and so is Cllr Tom Wells, who has spoken up for him.

Although there is no suggestion that anyone, whether the rally's organisers or the county council, has actually done anything wrong, there seems to be a widespread feeling that much more could have been done to inform the residents about what was to happen.

The organisers, for instance could have held a meeting in a local venue, such as the parish hall, to explain to residents exactly what would be going on.

It is to be hoped that the organisers of any event that has the potential to disrupt the daily activities of the general public will take heed and to act accordingly.

TEN-year-old Elin Day-Thompson is to be congratulated for the spectacular story of what is sure to be an illustrious scientific career.

Her success in a space science competition co-hosted by the Institution of Engineering and Technology must be an encouragement to all young women who aspire to careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

We are frequently told that the UK must make the best use of its young people's talents in order to remain ahead in a competitive world.

And we cannot ignore the contributions that women are able to make to the world of STEM.

So let Elin's achievement be celebrated for making the world a more interesting place.