MALVERN’S MP and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate have each reacted to this week's goings on in Parliament.

Beverley Nielsen says Boris Johnson “has little interest in healing the divisions that have riven our country since the referendum” - after the Prime Minister lost his first commons vote by 27 votes.

In the vote, the government was defeated by 328 votes to 301, with 21 Conservative MPs voted to take control of Wednesday’s parliamentary agenda.

Mrs Nielsen said: “Johnson is obsessed with the 17.4 million who voted to Leave. Given this, he’s trying to out-Brexit the Brexit Party in blatantly promoting a no-deal Brexit.

“He’s ignoring the government’s own advice about serious shortages of fuel, food price increases and shortages of vital medicines, with disruption at our ports impacting farmers’ and businesses’ integrated supply chains. "

She also went on to attack the government for withdrawing the party whip from the 21 MPs, who include two former chancellors in ken Clarke and Philip Hammond, and Winston Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames.

Malvern’s MP Harriett Baldwin was also accused of “being complicit in something that is going to be so damaging for our country” with Mrs Nielsen adding: “It’s very disappointing to see our own MP, Harriett Baldwin, voted with the government yesterday and against the motion aimed at extending departure from EU by three months.

“Harriett has a long record of voting with government but I fear she has misplaced her loyalty in propping up this administration."

Speaking after this week's parliamentary developments, Mrs Baldwin said: "I don’t support any further extension to the Brexit process.

"A majority of British people, and a majority of people in West Worcestershire, voted to leave in 2016, and it is my desire to see this democratic process respected.

“Most of all, I want all MPs to support a deal and I don’t want to see our negotiators hands’ tied by ruling out a no-deal altogether.

“Like most people, I don’t want another election, but if MPs vote today to hand over all control to Brussels, asking the British people for their support in a General Election could be one of the best ways to end this Parliamentary check mate.”