PROTESTERS turned out in force on just 24 hours’ notice in Malvern to protest against Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament.

And another march is planned for Worcester today.

The event will be at Cathedral Plaza at noon.

The Malvern event happened on Thursday evening and was organised by Malvern Hills District Labour councillor Samantha Charles, who described it as a March For Democracy.

She said: “Whether we voted Leave or Remain, whether we are members of a political party or not, this is not what we voted for.

“At this time of national crisis MPs should be working night and day to mitigate against the harm crashing out without a deal will do, not being kept away from Parliament for five weeks.

“Extremely important legislation due to be heard, such as the Domestic Abuse Bill, will now not be passed.

“MPs now need to be allowed to work together for the good of the many, not the few. Anything less is an affront to democracy.”

Stuart Thomas, chairman of Worcestershire for Europe, said: “If we can get up to 300 people to march in a sleepy little town like Malvern, then we can expect at least 500, and I hope up to 1,000 to come out to support us in Worcester.

“Closing down parliament as Boris Johnson is an act of dictatorship, not democracy.

“I think more and more people are realising how serious the situation is, and are getting more and more worried about the way that Boris Johnson is pushing his own agenda and ignoring the very real fears that people have over the damage that Brexit will do to the country.”