MP Harriett Baldwin has called on rail operator West Midlands Trains to reconsider plans to hike prices at its two Malvern station car parks.

Commuters are set to be hit with a £3 daily charge at Great Malvern and Malvern Link stations, and it is feared more will park on the roadside rather than pay the increased fees, causing inconvenience to local residents and extra congestion.

Her intervention follows the announcements that West Midlands Trains was introducing or hiking parking fees across the country this month.

The train company has had its subsidies reduced to make sure that the tax payer pays less to underpin the rail network but these prices hikes mean commuters will pay more and those who don’t want to pay the fees will find free parking around the stations instead.

She said: “While I support the principle of reducing the cost to the tax payer of running the trains, these parking fees will have unintended consequences of impacting local residents who live near our Malvern stations.

“Station car parking is an issue that I have already picked up on as I canvassed in the last local elections and I am now urging West Midland Trains to work with the local authorities and local residents to find a swift solution to minimise their inconvenience.”

Francis Thomas, head of corporate affairs for West Midlands Railway, said: “We have been speaking with the county council for several months as we prepare to introduce car parking charges at Great Malvern and Malvern Link. As part of this process we have delayed the charging start date to consider local issues.

“We have a duty to taxpayers and ticket-buyers alike to ensure we are maximising income from the railway estate. We have listened to feedback and reduced the headline charge from £4.50 per day to £3. Car park season ticket holders will pay just £1.12 per day."

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