WORCESTER’S internet users are suffering download speeds among the lowest in the country.

The city’s average broadband speed is 33Mbps, much slower that the national average of 54.2 Mbps.

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It means the city has been named as in the ‘poor performing areas for download speed,’ in a new report produced by Ofcom.

Despite the slow speeds, website Broadband Choices UK, has a speed tester which suggests Worcester could reach an optimum speed of 104Mbps.

According to the firm the best broadband speed in Worcester is available in St Peters, with a speed of 79.7Mbps.

Meanwhile, the slowest can be found at Warndon Parish North with a speed of 44.4Mbps.

Broadband users have been having their say about speeds on our social media sites.

Cathy Pogmore said: “We do live in the countryside, WR6, but ours is awful. Have to pay for high speed yet it is slower than normal speed.”

Sylvia Bird said: “WR4 (Warndon Villages) very slow.”

Julie and David Longden said: “WR3 it is shocking - very slow,” while Eric Alford said: “WR4 is slow complained for a while now.”

Annie Dunbar said: “It’s terrible, sometimes the signal is so bad. We live in St John’s.”

Tim Langdon said: “WR5 St Peters is absolutely awful we have switched to 4G because its genuinely better then standard line broadband in the area.”

Martin Kearn said: “I’m Loves Grove in Barbourne. The 4G in the area is terrible/none existent.”

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The Ofcom report found that the government had focused on the distribution of superfast broadband in the last 10 years, which is technically available in 95 per cent of the UK.

But only seven per cent actually have access to full fibre networks meaning many people are left without a reliable and high speed broadband connection - Worcester being a prime example of this.