A PAIR of teachers from Malvern tackled a tough cycle from one end of the country to the other for charity.

The Malvern Gazette reported last month how Jacqui Ferrett, a teacher from St Joseph’s primary school in Malvern and Jenny Davies, a teacher from John Masefield in Ledbury, cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

The ride was a total of 1,083 miles with 51,630 feet of climbing, the pair reaching their final destination of John O’Groats in Canisbay.

Leaving Cornwall on July 23 and passing through Barnard’s Green on the weekend of July 28, the pair arrived at their final destination on August 9.

The pair, who describe themselves as 'Sunday cyclists' completed training around Malvern before attempting their journey which they feel helped with building up the resilience they needed.

Mrs Davies, 57, said: “We both found the experience an amazing challenge and every day offered something to marvel at or feel proud about.

“I have been trying to describe this journey, but words do not seem to do it justice – it was simply incredible.

"Highlights include the beautiful countryside we passed through, especially up in the remotest parts of Scotland, the send-off from friends, family, Malvern Joggers and representatives from the CLD trust, which is the charity we are raising money for.

"The beautiful countryside in which they passed through was also a highlight, as was stopping at The Crask Inn for some food with other travellers, most of whom were travelling to John O’ Groats too."

The pair have raised more than £1,900 to date to CLD, a mental health and wellbeing charity which supports young people at difficult times in their lives.

The pair are continuing to raise money for CLD, and if anyone else would like to sponsor, it is possible to do so by searching ‘The Long One’ on Wonderful.org.