THE Confederate flag should not be flown at a motor home event in Malvern because of its racist connotations, say councillors.

But organisers of the Western Motorhome Show say the flag is simply part of history re-enactment and does not have any negative connotations.

The show is on at the Three Counties Showground from Friday, August 16, for three days.

Cllr Paul Bennett said: "I telephoned the three counties showground a few days ago to receive reassurance that there would be a ban enforced on flying racist flags.

"I was disturbed by the conversation I had with the senior manager. She did not take the matter seriously and refused to give any confirmation that lessons were learnt from last year's display of symbols of racism, nazi style white supremacy and slavery flying over scores of mobile homes at this one event. I have spoken to fellow councillors about this and we feel strongly that it is completely unacceptable for the organisers and hosts of such an event to allow any symbols of racism or bigotry.

Cllr John Raine said: "This is very disappointing news.

"Last year we expressed our disapproval to the Three Counties Showground and the event organisers in the strongest terms when the offensive flags were spotted.

"So this year, well in advance of the event, efforts have been made to seek assurance that there would be no repeat in 2019. Alas, the response we have had is that no such assurance can be given.

"I think this reflects badly on the hosts and organisers of the event, but most important, I very much hope that due care and sensitivity will prevail and that such flags will not be seen on site this year or ever again."

A spokesperson from Three Counties Showground said: "Historical re-enactments are simply that - an opportunity for visitors to see history brought to life.

"The Warners Group, which has organised events such as these for years, has clearly stated that the flags on display simply recognise the two different sides of the battle and bear no current significance."