AN artist will be taking on a new challenge next week when he will produce a new painting live in front of an audience.

Malvern-based artist Phil Ironside will paint on Saturday, August 17, at the Coach House Theatre in Grange Road.

Starting at 7.30pm, the evening will consist of an introduction to Mr Ironside, his inspiration and techniques, followed by the creation of the painting, with a commentary on his thought processes.

This will be succeeded by a question-and-answer session, and the auction of the painting for charity.

He said: “The changes we perceive consciously are only a fraction of the information we act on every second. Everything we see, hear, smell, touch and perceive affects us.

“Just by being there you will affect the outcome of the painting.” Mr Ironside has been painting all his life, and he has developed two main methods, speed painting and vignettes

In 2011 he began to experiment with speed painting. Taking a brush and painting knife and making marks without thinking, he had to have risk, intention and then execute those intentions.

Developing his techniques in 2017 he produced a painting a day, in 2018 he painted one a month and now in 2019 he is painting one a day again but in five minutes or under, recording each one.

His vignette technique started during a holiday in France in 2013, when he started to sketch fragments of the scene in front of him that caught his attention, putting them together to form a vignette. The vignettes were then expanded and worked on in acrylic.

In 2017 he produced a painting a day in 2018 he painted one a month and now in 2019 he is painting one a day again but in five minutes or under and filming them. The pictures are available to view on and the videos on Youtube.

Phil Ironside’s Emerge exhibition is currently on show in the Barry Jackson room of the Coach House Theatre until the end of August.

The paintings are from the Painting a Month series done during 2018 plus several larger pieces from his vignette series.

Tickets are available at £10 from the Malvern Theatres box office.

A future exhibition is being planned.