A BARBER says he is sick of his premises being targeted after a string of vandal attacks and a break-in.

Jon Bourne, who runs Barbertown in Barnards Green said that the latest attack took place overnight between Monday and Tuesday, when the window at the shop's back kitchen was smashed.

And last month the shop was burgled, with a door panel kicked out and a small safe smashed open.

He said: "I have two other branches, in St Johns and the Tything in Worcester. We've been in St Johns for years and in all that time we've had one incident of vandalism.

"In Malvern, we've been here just over three years and during that time we have been vandalised five times.

"We don't know why this keeps happening to us. Is someone targeting us? We don't know what to do about it."

Mr Bourne's wife Andrea said: "How are small businesses supposed to absorb this sort of small crime as our insurance premiums have increased each time?

"Why is there not more being done to engage the youth?

"More should be done to protect the community. After the first smashed window, we were told the council had turned off the CCTV in Barnards Green five years ago."

Jenny Cain, who runs the Barnards Green post office, which suffered a ram raid two years ago, said: "I really don't know why that business has been targeted so much. There really is not a problem in the Green with vandalism and it's a mystery why it's been happening to him."

Traders have previously requested that fixed CCTV cameras in the Green be reactivated, but Malvern Hills District Council says it is sticking to its current policy of using mobile cameras.

Amanda Smith, the council's community services manager, said: “We currently have four mobile CCTV cameras which operate at a number of locations across the district at various times, including Barnard’s Green.

The cameras are used as a response to reports of criminality and locations are decided based on local intelligence and in liaison with West Mercia Police.”